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    Welcome to the Jr. Lancer Cheer Family - 2019
    Posted Jun 7, 2019

    Welcome to the Jr. Lancer Cheer Family-

    In this program,  your daughter will be cheering on our Junior Lancer Football team.  Our primary responsibility is to attend the games and inspire the players and ignite the crowds through cheers, dance, and tumbling.  There are no prerequisites to join our team! We will teach you all you need to know. Cheer is an athletic, social, disciplined, and self esteem building activity. Coaches will guide cheerleaders to push toward their personal best, always encouraging a growth mindset  As a team, our cheerleaders learn that they will get the best results through the support of one another. The training and conditioning for all levels is safety minded and health and fitness guided. There are 5 Levels of Cheer offered. It is intended that each level cheers for their same age peers in football. On occasion if we don’t have enough players to form a football team, we may get reassigned to another age bracket.

    Cheer Levels: (practice times subject to change)

    Pom Pom- Kindergarten –Coach Beagy (practices will be 1X/ week TBD) focus on Cheers

    Team D – 1st and 2nd graders- Coach Rachel and Sarah (practices 2x/ week  Mondays/ Weds) focus on Cheers and dance

    Team C – 3rd & 4th graders- Coach Kisenya and Emma (practices 2-3X/week Tues/Weds) Focus on Cheers, Dance and Stunts preps, light tumbling

    Team B – 5th & 6th graders*- Coach Giuliana, Kyleigh, and Amanda - (support from Kisenya) (Practices 2- 3Xweek  Tues- thurs). Focus on Cheers, dance, stunts, tumbling

    Team A – 6th, 7th & 8th graders*- Coach Rio, Coach Lauren, and Kaitlyn (practice 2 -3X/week Tues, thurs)  Focus on Cheers, dance, stunts extensions, tumbling

    Practice Location

    As of now, practices will be held outside in front of the High School at the Oval, beginning three days a week, in August. Once school is in session, it will be dropped down to two practices. During inclement weather, Team Mom or Coach will inform of where practice will be moved to.

    New Uniforms - 2019

    Jr. Lancers Cheer will be providing new uniforms to new cheerleaders only. Returning cheerleaders will need to purchase a new top and bottom if they have grown out of the uniform. Everyone will also need to purchase a body liner, there will be two options given at the 1st cheer meeting.

    White cheer/uniform shoes are mandatory- not brand specific.

    Parent Information

    Each team will need 1 to 2 team parents. They will be an aid in assisting the coaches with communication to the teams. They will also need to rotate games/practices, due to the girls needing to go to the restroom.

    The league requires every parent to volunteer for duty during the season.  You will give a $100 work bond deposit ck at the beginning of the season, and an opportunity to sign up for a job.  Once the job is fulfilled your workbond will be returned at the end of season.

    We will also have a fundraiser- more details to come.

    BonziTeam Websites

    Teams will now have access to their own Team website. The website can be used by each team to communicate information, get directions to games, and be used by parents to confirm attendance at games.  This will be activated after all teams are set and registration closes.

    We look forward to a fun 2019 season!  Please do not hesitate to contact any of the directors.

    The Jr. Lancers Cheer Program

    Melissa Giordano, Kim Lewis, Ali Annapole, Lauren, Rio

    Bringing cheer to the community


    Upcoming Games

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      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.