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Cheer 2020

Welcome to the Jr. Lancer Cheer Family

In this program, your child will be cheering on our Junior Lancer Football team. Our primary responsibility is to attend the games, inspire the players and ignite the crowds through cheers, dances, and tumbling. There are no prerequisites to join our team! We will teach you all you need to know. Cheer is an athletic, social, disciplined, and self-esteem building activity. Coaches will guide cheerleaders to push toward their personal best, always encouraging a growth mindset. As a team, our cheerleaders learn that they will get the best results through the support of one another. The training and conditioning for all levels is safety minded and health and fitness guided.

There are 5 Levels of Cheer offered. It is intended that each level cheers for their same age peers in football. On occasion if we don't have enough players to form a football team, we may get reassigned to another age bracket.

Cheer Teams:

A TEAM (Coaches: Rio, Lauren & Kaitlyn) - 6th - 8th Grade *Cheers, Band Dance, Routine & Advance Stunts*

B TEAM (Coaches: Rachel & Sarah) - 4th - 5th Grade *Cheers, Band Dance, Routine & Intermediate Stunts*

C TEAM (Coaches: Beagy, Nicole & Amanda) - 2nd - 3rd Grade *Cheers & Begin with Basics of Stunts*

D TEAM & POM POMS (Coaches: Beagy, Nicole & Amanda) - Kindergarten & 1st Grade *Cheers*

Practice Location

As of now, practices will be held outside in front of the High School on the Oval, beginning two days a week on Monday, September, 14, 2020. During inclement weather, the Team Mom or Coach will inform of where practice will be moved to or if cancelled.

Practice Dress Code: We would like to emphasize our dress-code as it can be a complete safety hazard.

  • Athletic Bottoms ONLY - NO jean shorts or Jeans!
  • T-shirt or Tank Tops
  • Sneakers (preferably cheer sneakers but please no high tops or Converse - Converse are extremely bad for ankle support!)
  • NO jewelry! There have been times where jewelry gets caught in hair/clothing
  • Ponytails up!


Cheerleaders should be timely so that they do not miss any part of the practice session. Stretching and warm-ups are very important. We understand that many children are involved in other activities and there will be special circumstances at times. We ask that you do not make tardiness the norm and attendance a priority. We will only be taking water breaks - no snack breaks.

No cell phones are permitted at practices and must be put away and turned to silent. The same rules apply to coaches. Practices must remain safe and distraction free. If your child has an emergency that day, please let us know or have them let us know.

New Uniforms

New cheerleaders and returning (if they have grown out of the uniform) cheerleaders will need to purchase a new top and bottom. Everyone will also need to purchase a body liner and mask. White cheer shoes are mandatory- not brand specific.


If your child is not going to be attending a game or practice, please contact the Team Coach as soon as possible. This goes for all games throughout the season. As coaches like in a football game, we figure out roles... but for cheer. If we are down a flyer, we practice with another flyer at practice instead of scrambling around on game day. We work as a team and we figure out the best way to utilize all of our girls' skills. As coaches, we do our best to highlight and encourage the girls to do their best and really try to make our Cheer Program stand out to the best of their abilities. We cannot stress enough that attendance is important as it only builds our team stronger together. Please do your best to let us know in advance when your child cannot attend.

Please have all girls on time and ready: hair up with bow, no jewelry, sneakers on before stepping out of the car, have BOTH poms, under armor/bodysuit and leggings in the cheer bag.

Lastly, please try not to leave the game early unless we know ahead of time or if your child is terribly ill. On rainy days, we are all toughening it out as a team to get through each game. Safety is our first and foremost priority. The directors and coaches will make an executive decision to leave in terms of inclement weather. During rainy games, please have your child layered up with their cheer jacket over all the layers.

Parent Information

Each team will need 1 to 2 team parents. They will be an aid in assisting the coaches with communication to the teams. They will also need to rotate games/practices, due to the girls needing to go to the restroom. Team moms will also coordinate snacks for the team at each game, assigning a new Parent every week.

The league requires every parent to volunteer for duty during the season. All parents must submit a $100 work bond deposit check at the beginning of the season, and an opportunity to sign up for a job. Once the job is fulfilled, your work bond check will be returned at the end of season.

Team Connect (Team Communication)

Teams have access to their own Team website. The website can be used by each team to communicate information, get directions to games, and be used by parents to confirm attendance at games. This will be activated after all teams are set and registration closes. The email you have on file for registration is the email that has access to Team Connect.


Jr. Lancer Cheer is following state, local and CDC/WHO guidelines. Please see below for our Program Specific Rules:

  • Before your child arrives at all practices and games, ALL COVID-19 forms MUST be filled out. This includes all Jr. Lancer
    • Please be reminded that your child's daily COVID questionnaire (state form) has to be filled out prior to practice - if we do not receive this form, your child is not able to participate.
  • Please wash your hands before and after practices and games. Hand sanitizer will be available during practices and games as well.
  • When your child arrives at practices and games, they must clear the pre-screening process.
    • Your child's temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer.
    • If your child has a temperature of 100.4℉ or higher, or if any of the pre-screening questions are circled "yes", your child will not be able to participate.
  • Parents must stay until their child's temperature is taken and cleared.
  • There will be NO physical contact of any kind at the beginning of the season.
  • Everyone (Parents and Cheerleaders) MUST wear a mask when arriving and leaving camp. All cheerleaders must wear a mask except when doing aerobic activity.
  • All coaches will be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Cheerleaders will be put into groups of 10 for virus-tracking purposes.
  • Cheerleaders will be 6 feet apart at all times.

If you have any questions, please email

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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.